San Vincenzo restaurant

The restaurant has a wonderful view overlooking the sea and, on demand, guests can have breakfast or lunch on the terrace located on the beachfront.

The menu reflects the “glocal” approach of the hotel’s managers: they want to enhance local identity in the context of global tourism, and always buy vegetables, fish and meat from local producers.

Mediterranean Cuisine

The restaurant's continental breakfast offers a wide choice of pastries and salty food, as well as homemade yoghurt and cakes. At lunch and dinner guests can help themselves to starters and side dishes, while first and second courses can be chosen from the menu. The chef selects a wide variety of dishes from the local and regional gastronomic tradition daily: every day you'll choose among several fish dishes and Tuscan soups.

Openings and Services

Cakes and wines are suggested and served by the hotel's manager, who loves to be in personal contact with his guests. The restaurant is also open to those non-guests.