Hotel Bolgheri

The main part of the Etruscan Coast is within the the central part of the coast and includes, in addition to the wonderful naturalistic oasis of Bolgheri, beautiful pine forests along the coast of Cecina and Donoratico, the woody hills of Bibbona, Bolgheri and Monte Calvi, where the Mediterranean vegetation is mixed with chestnut trees.

The historical and cultural interest is focused in the medieval villages of Castagneto Carducci, Suvereto and Campiglia Marittima, that still keep important traces of walls and fortified buildings. In the area of Monte Calvi took place, since Etruscan times – as evidenced by the remains of some ovens – an important mining and mineral area. Another center of interest is the area of the promontory of Piombino, which in the northern part has a set of natural and archaeological aspects: the beautiful Gulf of Baratti and the necropolis of Populonia, the ancient acropolis of Polulonia, the only Etruscan town born as a base for maritime trade and processing of metal mined in the near island of Elba.

To note also the presence of several natural parks, such as the Park of Rimigliano of San Vincenzo. This stretch of coast called Etruscan Coast is a unique opportunity to savor all the elements that make Maremma a land of sweet and bitter.

It ‘a land, the Etruscan Coast, where, in every season it is easy to choose. Throughout the year there is the possibility of vacation and desire to discover, choosing among sea, nature, art and history.

You can find many “souls”: “marine” soul first of all, that reflects the crystalline nature of its waters, with shades ranging from deep blue to emerald green. And long shores, reefs smell of saline and wind, sheltered by a large pinewood; it’s a corner of Mediterranean living.
Then the soul of nature: a varied and rich environment that allows you to experience and discover many parks and protected areas, botanic oasis, wildlife refuges “home” of rare and protected species, a rich vegetation of pine-woods and woods that hug the hills.

Finally, the lazy soul and yellow-orange of the country, with its smells, crossed by the Wine Road, where grow nobles vineyards and silver olive trees, which give fame to wines and olive oils in the world.

And what to say about the flavors of the cuisine and gastronomy?

You really will be pleased to seek out and discover unique flavors. In the Etruscan Coast you may get the two souls of the Tuscan cuisine: meat and fish, country and saline waters. Everything tightened in a centenary chained hug, with strong traditions and fixed customs.

Next to the marine tradition there are taverns, places of the popular myth of the boar and its hunting. All tasted with prestigious local wines that sink in a great and ancient tradition known all over the world.